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Wedding photo based off of the sketch design


AKi Studios is here to help couples envision the aesthetics of their big day. The designer excels at transforming your concepts into intricate 2D drawings. With a thorough understanding of your vision, our talented team meticulously translates your ideas into detailed and precise illustrations using a combination of traditional sketching techniques and advanced digital tools. These exquisite 2D drawings serve as a visual blueprint, bringing your dream event to life with clarity and creativity. Let us help you with your planning.

An illustrated concept for the reception space. Including tablescaping and floral options

1st Contact

I offer a single complimentary half-hour video appointment if you have questions about my services. This video meet-N-greet will allow us to get to know each other a little better. Visit my contacts page to sign up for a consultation.

Let's create something special

I am currently taking on the following types of projects:

Event Planning Consultation

Timeline Creation

Logistics planning booklets

Wedding Planning Consultation

Event Design

Commissioned Bespoke Decor

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